In 2012, we, a small group of coaches and parents, had a vision of changing the face of volleyball in the Golden Strip Area of Greenville County, SC. This area, and those surrounding, had a lot of talent that was not being seen due to the limited competitive play available to the region. Our vision was to create a program for these talented athletes that offered increased training and challenging competition. We wanted to give these athletes the opportunity to be seen and recruited by the biggest and most respected collegiate volleyball programs in the country. Our vision became a reality in Axis Elite volleyball Academy.

Our Mission

Using volleyball to teach life lessons to athletes on and off the court

From Day 1 at Axis, we have used our Christian values to minister to athletes and families. Taking care of the total package has set us apart from the many programs that exist. Our training is the best. Our families are the best. Our passion is the best. Our vision is to use that influence that comes with the program to impact those we come in contact with.


Our Vision

To see our world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of our coaches, athletes and families

The dedication, love of the sport, competitive attitudes and a willingness to use cutting-edge techniques and technology has helped Axis move quickly to our goal of being not only recognized as an elite top club in our region but also at the national level.


No matter what level of play, Axis Elite Volleyball Academy holds and will continue to hold each individual to the highest standard of excellence. We will always train and teach the sport to all athletes who want to learn the game, and we will continue to strive and build the scope and quality of volleyball in the Upstate South Carolina area.

  • 1 AAU National Championship
  • 5 AAU Top 3 National Finishes
  • 11 AAU Top 10 National Finishes
  • 13 AAU All-Americans
  • 66 AAU Academic All-Americans
  • 4 JVA Athleaders
  • Over 8 years, we have provided more than $93,000 in Club Scholarships to play at Axis
  • Through $75,000 in fundraising and sponsorships, we have helped families play at Axis
  • 100% of graduating seniors have been offered the opportunity to play at the collegiate level